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NimbleConfig - A Simple Config Injector For .Net

4 minute read Updated:

I recently started an open sourced project called NimbleConfig. It is a simple, unambitious, convention-based configuration injector for .NET using IConfigur...

Speaking @LevelsConf 2018

1 minute read Updated:

I recently got a chance to speak at Levels Conference and it was my first time speaking in front of such a large audience. There were around 400 very keen ju...

What Does Durable Azure Functions Solve?

4 minute read Updated:

Azure Functions are the way serverless compute is implemented in Azure. Amazon Web Services equivalent is called AWS Lambda. I won’t go into detail about wha...

Using Azure Functions HttpTrigger As Web API

11 minute read Updated:

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last 18 months you would know ‘Serverless’ is the new cool kid in town. Microsoft’s offer is called Azure Functions...

Event Sourcing Examined Part 3 Of 3

7 minute read Updated:

In this 3 part series we will look at what event sourcing is and why enterprise software for many established industries use this pattern.