Disclaimer. Most of my friends don’t have the slightest idea about what I actually do. I recently had a hilarious conversation a with few friends where their best guess was something close to this.

If you have a minute to spare have a read of this post I made about my early days as a developer. Link: https://dasith.me/2016/11/29/first-blog-post/

I am a polyglot software engineer with experience in consulting environments as well as solution architecture. I have been working with Microsoft technologies for close to 2 decades. My focus is distributed systems and I have extensive experience in development across the stack. In most of my development projects I employ an Agile method of development with emphasis on good design principles, manageable codebases and scalability. These days I mostly utilize Azure and AWS offerings to design & deliver cloud native solutions.

I started developing software professionally around 2004 but decided to pursue higher education while doing that. So, after completing my Masters degree in 2009 at Swinburne University of Technology, I joined a construction company called Luxton Plant as a software engineer and led the development of the best in class ERP software for hire, service and sales of earth moving equipment in that industry. I then worked for one of the top trade printing companies in Australia (called Whirlwind Print), integrating and streamlining their printing process and building a B2B framework. At this point I went into consulting and worked for Readify as a senior developer doing consulting work for clients of varying sizes. During this time Readify got acquired by Telstra and was renamed as Telstra Purple. A couple of promotions later, I joined Microsoft as a Senior Consultant. After a year of working in Microsoft Consulting Services, I took up an opportunity in Commercial Software Engineering as an Senior Software Engineer to work on some very exciting cutting edge solutions.

I love participating in the community, listening to war stories from the tech trenches and talking about my own experiences. My public speaker profile can be found here: https://sessionize.com/dasiths/

Currently my attention is on cloud native solutions and Kubernetes on edge:

  • Converting monolithic systems into modularized cohesive parts + microservices.
  • Event sourcing, CQRS & Eventually consistent models and distributed systems.
  • Event driven serverless solutions. (Azure Event Hub / Event Grid with Azure Functions or AWS SQS and AWS Lambda).
  • Containerised workloads and orchestration (Kubernetes, Dapr + Tye).
  • Running intelligent systems on edge using Kubernetes and modern workflows using GitOps.

My stack usually consists of the following…


.NET Core, ASP.NET Core, NodeJs, GoLang, Angular, React


C#, C++, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Python, Bash and Powershell scripting


Azure / AWS / Edge (PaaS, Serverless, Windows and Linux Containers, Kubernetes)

IDE / Tools:

Visual Studio, VS Code, Git tools, Dev Containers


Azure DevOps, GitHub, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, AWS CodePipeline, ARM templates, Bicep, CloudFormation, Terraform, GitOps tools


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