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Disclaimer. Most of my friends don’t have the slightest idea about what I actually do. I recently had a hilarious conversation a with few friends where their best guess was something close to this.

Interview on Rupavahini

If you have a minute to spare have a read of this post I made about my early days as a developer. Link: https://dasith.me/2016/11/29/first-blog-post/

I am a multi skilled and experienced full stack .NET developer. I have been working with Microsoft technologies for more than a decade. During my career I have been exposed to the .NET stack and have acquired extensive experience in both front and back-end development.  These days I mostly utilize Azure and AWS offerings to design & deliver cloud based solutions.

In most of my development projects I employ an Agile method of development with emphasis on good design principles, manageable codebases and scalability. I strive to write clean, testable and reusable code.

After completing my Masters degree in 2009 I led the development of the best in class ERP software for hire, service and sales of earth moving equipment. Then I worked for one of the top trade printing companies in Australia, integrating and streamlining their printing process and building a B2B framework. Now I work for Readify as a senior developer doing consulting work for clients of varying sizes.

Currently my attention is on cloud based PaaS solutions:

  • Converting monolithic systems into decoupled cohesive systems + microservices.
  • Utilising CQRS pattern to build performance critical systems.
  • Event sourcing, Eventually consistent models and distributed systems.
  • .NET CORE and containerization based deployment like Docker
  • Severless solutions with Azure Functions and AWS Lambda

My technology stack usually consists of the following.


  • Microsoft .Net 4.7 + Core 2, WCF
  • ASP WebApi 2, MVC, Web Forms, Winforms and WPF
  • RabbitMQ + Azure Service Bus with MassTransit and NServiceBus
  • Entity Framework + Core, LINQ to SQL, NHibernate, Dapper
  • DI frameworks like Autofac, Windsor & Unity
  • Consul + Microphone, MediatR, Hangfire, Swagger, Topshelf
  • IdentityServer, Auth0, AzureAD
  • SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Redis, RavenDB, EventStore, ElasticSearch
  • MS Azure + AWS technologies (AppServices, Serverless, Docker), Windows Server & IIS

Languages & Web Frameworks:

  • C#, VB, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Angular 2+, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • CSS, SASS and HTML5

IDE / Tools:

  • Visual Studio 2017, VSCode, ReSharper, FluentMigrator, DbUp, DevExpress Controls
  • Git tools and Git flow
  • SSMS, RedGate SQL tools, SQLSentry


  • MSTest, NUnit, XUnit.net, Moq, Selenium, Jasmine + Karma
  • Postman, SoapUI and Fiddler


  • Azure DevOps (Visual Studio Team Services)
  • TeamCity + Octopus Deploy


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